Who are you? I am a catalyst for change.

As a campaign sponsor, you have

A bottom line.
A personality.
A product.
A community to serve.
A history of leadership.
A service to provide.
A cause to support.
A message to deliver.
A trust that is earned.
A structure.
A never settle attitude.
A BIG idea.
An opportunity to give back.
A commitment to your customers.
A mission that’s bigger than your executive team.
A chance to create social change.
An emotional attachment to your products.
A loyal customer.
A new product launch.
A customer service team.
A corporate social responsibility.
A brand affinity.
A forward thinking mentality.
A story that needs to be told, and deserves to be heard.

You can be the catalyst for real social change.

Work with a team that supports you and the message you want to deliver. You could place an ad in the Super Bowl for gajillions of dollars or you could have a piece of content customized to your brand that supports a cause that desperately needs your support. You’ve got great ideas, but leave it to the creatives to execute. You’ll connect with your customers on a new level and they will respect you for it, even more than they already do. Get behind a cause or organization you and your customers truly care about, and learn how giving back can be as easy as sharing your resources and your support.

Creatives are here. For good.