Who are you? I am a creator.

As a creator, you have

A talent.
A following.
An idea.
A camera.
An instrument.
A paint brush.
A comedy sketch.
A boom mic.
A love of theater.
A videogame.
A gift.
An editing suite.
A set list.
A sound studio.
A typewriter you got at a garage sale that you can’t live without.
An animation.
A new must-have app.
A documentary.
An unpublished piece anxiously waiting to be revealed.
A publication.
A graphic design studio.
A script that begs to be read.
A basic human need to create something awesome.
A story that needs to be told, and deserves to be heard.

You will evolve.

By engaging in this venture, you will be changed for the better. Put your passion to good use. Work with a team that supports you and your vision, get behind a cause or organization you truly care about, and learn how giving back can be as easy as sharing your creativity because it’s what you love to do.

Creatives are here. For good.