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For my very first favor I asked my dear friend Debra Eckerling, founder of Guided Goals, and her mother, Arlene, what I could do for them as my first favor. This of course, after Arlene had given me a beautiful birthday present (eventhough it was HER birthday, that’s just the classy lady she is)  – hand painted note cards with turquoise, blue, and gold. Arlene is an incredibly talented artist who has had a long career in jewelry design (her pieces have been sold at high end retailers like Neiman Marcus), painting, she even owns a loom for tapestries, among other art forms. Her latest project has been to paint flowers and silk screen onto pillows, scarves, canvases and other mediums. I asked how I could help, specifically with her artwork. She kindly ask that I take photos of flowers – head on so that she can see as much detail and the full flower as possible. It was such a simple and lovely request. On my birthday, I went to the farmer’s market with my friend Jaime. Not only did I take photos of the flowers, I was GIFTED a beautiful bouquet by the vendors. It was the best birthday surprise and provided more proof that if you put the energy and intention out into the world of doing things for others, you will receive ten fold. It has also been a fantastic reminder to stop. And smell (and truly appreciate) the flowers. More photos on the way, Arlene! Thank you for a fun way to ease into the project.

Debra Eckerling and Guided Goals provide tools, resources, motivation, and inspiration for helping creatives start and finish projects, as well as helping entrepreneurs get their businesses up and running; whatever your passion project, Deb will help guide you to the finish line. As a sidenote, she will be very proud of her former client to know she wrote this blog post in less than an hour. Thank you Deb, for your coaching, guidance, and friendship. Follow Guided Goals on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn (phew!) and check out the podcast! her book, ‘Purple Pencil’ to get fun, creative writing prompts for kids and kids at heart 🙂

Have a favor you want me to do? Email me 32Favors@gmail.com 
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